Friday, October 21, 2016

Epsom Salts Can Be My Friend

I have used Epsom Salts for a relaxing bath after body aches from yard work.   There are other good reasons to make a good friend of Epsom Salts.  Link here and here at Lifehack.

-- use with shampoo for hair washing to help strip some of the oils from your hair.  Rinse afterwards.

-- Foot Scrub.  Mix to make a Scrub with Salt, Olive Oil, Castile Soap. Scrub feet once or twice a week to remove dry skin

-- Wash Face Scrub,  adding Epsom Salts to Face Cream or  liquid soap,  Rinse clean afterwards.

-- Alleviate Headaches!   Taking an Epsom Salt bath has been touted as Headache Reliever, Having something to do with the Heat and Salt calming aggavated nerves.

-- Hangovers,  Bruises, Muscle Pains, Sleeping,  Remove a Splinter!,

-- Clean a Bathroom, Fertilize Fruits, Fortify Plants Get Rid of Garden Pests (Slugs!)

-- Weed Control, Greener Gras

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