Sunday, January 8, 2017

Holiday's are over - Prayer Shawls as gifts to family

We are knee deep in snow here - what's new - we have snow every winter.  This winter offers more snow that past two years, and sometimes it is absolutely stunning.  Other times is is several feet of snow.  We live on a hill, and not so easy with our small town car (Scion) to navigate up and down the hill so sometimes we are 'snowed in'.

Making good use of the holiday time, I was able to make eleven prayer shawls this season, using Lion's Brand Homespun yarn which makes the experience of wearing them warm and toasty, comforting.

Adding pictures of the different shawls.  Credit to Zooty Owl crochet pattern Cosmos Fields Shawl.  Used a portion of her pattern to create these different prayer shawls.  And of course, in no way does the colorful beauty match up to her original work.  As time saver, I used the core part of the pattern to create the shawls.

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