Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Christmas 2014

Let's see, since posting a few years back, much has happened for us.  I don't think I want to write catch up history as I think that will show itself in future posts.   We are no longer in our big old Victorian style farmhouse; we have moved (downsized) to leasing a condo in a city across the state from where we lived in sweet little community of Bay Center, WA in Pacific County.   We are now living in city of Spokane, WA closer to my daughters and the family branch of my grandchildren.  I will write about those experiences and learning lessons (learning for me) at another time.  It has been a journey of the soul, so to speak.

It is now December 2014.  A year in the condo in Spokane.  In 2013 we were also in Spokane, sharing time between our home in Bay Center, WA and an apartment in Spokane, WA caring for two of my youngest grandchildren.  Going backwards in time to recapture the years of 2012 and 2011 .. essentially my husband retired from his career, and we found ourselves re-examining our choices in life regarding family, living location, community, aging into senior years, faith -- the whole gamut it seems as seen from retrospective viewpoint.  Certainly less clear as we walked together through those years.

I'm not sure where I'll take the direction of this blog, for now though, it can serve as a bit of thoughtful reflections along with the new or revived things we are doing in our more senior years.
It is Christmas time just now. And I'm happy to be sharing in Christmas spirit - past and present, listening to Christmas music, decorating the house (yes, our condo has a 'house' feel to it so I call it our house now), making Christmas gifts, participating in our Traditions - past and present - as the holidays unfold.  

This is the first year in many that we have brought out the Big Christmas tree, and all the decorations acquired over the decades going back to when my adult children were just youngsters.   Picture of the big tree in our condo (house) space.

p.s.  daughter, her husband, granddaughter stopped by to see our big tree, and took this composite photo to include my collections of nutcrackers which remain out all year long in their display cabinets.


Internet technology moved on without me, good for the technology!

Reviewing this blog, it is apparent that it has gone through stages as technology for online writing has shifted over the years.   I acknowledge that I am assuredly feeling left behind, and not sure I would have the skills to catch up, let alone keep even with technological advances.  I'm shifting down in my life span to what for me is a slower, more quiet way in my life and in my online activities.  Ahhh, for those early days when I was younger and felt I was on cutting edges of technology - those days came and went and kudos to all the young people who have left me and other's like me in the dust.  Kudos to the older people who have kept pace.

This blog then will be more like a place where I might do a show and tell of some of those creative things I might do that keep me busy, keep me going.  Kudos to all those tutorials out there that teach how to's;  kudos to the advances I've witnessed made in internet technology over the years since the early 1990s.   I'm not going to even attempt to keep up, just plod along at my own speed.  Does anyone even know where all this internet content is going to go after we are no longer of this world?

If I have any followers, likely they will be at the slow pace to which I have come, and if I don't have followers, that's fine too, kind of an online journal for me.  I won't be working to figure out how to drive people to my blog, how to develop content, and all those goodies that teach people how to better use today's internet services.   The older material on this blog, on any of my blogs is dated, outdated, out of internet trends, and for several years, I just didn't have the oomph to rework them to be more acceptable.  If you find a thing or two on this blog of interest to you, great.  If not, great too, it really is ....   let it serve as a bit of internet history in far things have come in the online world over the years.

Seasalt hair spray - diy

Seasalt Hairspray; Over 50, you betcha, and quickly moving to another milestone - moving into my 60's!   Never did I imagine that era of my life, and yet here I am.  Baby Boomers  60 years old abound!

Found a site today that addresses beauty tips and techniques for women 50 and over, and I wanted to collect a few of those tips specific to me, of course, not everyone else. If you want your own specific tips, give a visit to the tons of tips from Julyne at Beauty Over Age 50: Beauty Tips for Women Over Age 50 at about.com -- just off the beach waves;  make spray bottle with several tablespoons of sea salt and water.  Spritz damp hair, scrunch and let hair air dry.  Most hair having natural wave, the sea salt will enhance the wave.

Seahawks Time

Ahhh, lookie there .... it's been a few years since I've been back here, and here this beautiful blog still sits. Awesome. Between last post of 2010 and this post Feb 2015 is a long time, and too much to update in one post.

 I didn't get the online business completely off the ground, although I still do have the acquired scarves and purses, and vintage items, and collectibles. I still love the repurpose, diy ideas, and Etsy is still out there. E-bay too and the shop I put together online at ecrater, and that has not materialized as a popular place for people to shop.

 For this post, sharing the popular this year crocheted lacy scarf. Learned to make them and they work up quickly, made several for the Super Bowl game for the women in my immediate family with the primary Seahawks colors of blue and green. My two daughters are obsessive fans of the Hawks, and one son-in-law is crazed as a 12 fan about them. Seahawk fans will understand and appreciate the 12 and I'm sure there is much online. The contribution I make is tiny in a comparative sense.


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