Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Seahawks Time

Ahhh, lookie there .... it's been a few years since I've been back here, and here this beautiful blog still sits. Awesome. Between last post of 2010 and this post Feb 2015 is a long time, and too much to update in one post.

 I didn't get the online business completely off the ground, although I still do have the acquired scarves and purses, and vintage items, and collectibles. I still love the repurpose, diy ideas, and Etsy is still out there. E-bay too and the shop I put together online at ecrater, and that has not materialized as a popular place for people to shop.

 For this post, sharing the popular this year crocheted lacy scarf. Learned to make them and they work up quickly, made several for the Super Bowl game for the women in my immediate family with the primary Seahawks colors of blue and green. My two daughters are obsessive fans of the Hawks, and one son-in-law is crazed as a 12 fan about them. Seahawk fans will understand and appreciate the 12 and I'm sure there is much online. The contribution I make is tiny in a comparative sense.

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