Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Seasalt hair spray - diy

Seasalt Hairspray; Over 50, you betcha, and quickly moving to another milestone - moving into my 60's!   Never did I imagine that era of my life, and yet here I am.  Baby Boomers  60 years old abound!

Found a site today that addresses beauty tips and techniques for women 50 and over, and I wanted to collect a few of those tips specific to me, of course, not everyone else. If you want your own specific tips, give a visit to the tons of tips from Julyne at Beauty Over Age 50: Beauty Tips for Women Over Age 50 at about.com -- just off the beach waves;  make spray bottle with several tablespoons of sea salt and water.  Spritz damp hair, scrunch and let hair air dry.  Most hair having natural wave, the sea salt will enhance the wave.

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